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Our Story

We offer top quality military and tactical gear. Yager Outdoor provides Rothco Military and tactical equipment for first responders and military personnel. Self protection has become more important today then ever before. Our Items have been combat tested since 1954. Rothco is still one of the top go to product. 

Riots, Business attacked, random people pulled from their vehicles. Random attacks on the street. Todays world is in chaos and Self protection is more important then ever. Are you ready?  Self protection is not just about protection yourself but also others around you, do you have kids? What happens to your kids if your not prepared? 

You never know when the next disaster will strike human caused or natural disaster. Earthquake or terrorism. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have. 

If you are a first time gun owner we higher advise taking some classes about conceal and carry. Get proper training. Your no good if you shoot yourself.