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Zamp solar 170 watt solar panel

zamp solar

Zamp solar 170 watt solar panel

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Need more power?


Get extra power with our easy-to-install 170-watt expansion panel. It comes with our quick-connect solar plug and is compatible with all of our roof mount kits, making it simple and easy to expand your solar setup. 

Prewired for Solar Ready RVs

Zamp Solar comes pre-installed on many of the RVs being manufactured today. Solar Ready RVs come prewired with Zamp Solar ports. There are two types of ports on Solar ready rvs, a solar sidewall port and a solar roof cap. Any RV that comes pre wired with a 3-port roof cap can take advantage of simply installing a solar charge controller and a deluxe expansion kit.

Zamp Solar Expansion kits are designed to easily add more power to a currently installed Deluxe Hardwired System. Deluxe Hardwired Systems utilize a combiner box on the roof of the RV. This kit features a 170-Watt solar panel that measures 58.3" x 26.4" x 1.5" and includes the hardware needed to plug additional solar into the system. Zamp Solar charge controllers can easily accept additional power, no programming necessary.

170-Watt Kit Includes:

  • 170-Watt Panel

  • Quick-connect solar plug

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and Omni-Mount Feet